Back in BKK

Back in Bangkok for the 3rd time now. The thing I've learned is if you want to travel SE Asia, it's a little hard not to go through Bangkok multiple times just because it is generally a lot cheaper to fly to and  from the city. I don't mind it since food is so cheap. But the main purpose coming back here is to:

1) Get my yellow fever shot for Africa
2) Get my Myanmar visa at the embassy.

Yesterday, we went to the BKK Red Cross travel clinic ( which took us about an hour to find just because when you ask for directions, no one really understand you or you don't understand them. But once we got there, things were pretty smooth and easy.

1) you go into the registration office to fill out a couple of forms and pay 20 Baht ( $.75 cents) for the registration fee. Ridiculously cheap.
2) Then you go into this other room so they can take your blood pressure.
3) go into another room and a doctor will look at your records and tell your the shots you need for the countries you are visiting.
4) go to another room to buy your vaccine. For me, which is the yellow fever and flu shot. ALL for only $45!!!!!!!!!! We asked when we were in Australia how much would it be just for the yellow fever shot and they said $140!!!!
5) Finally, go to another room and the nurse will take the shots for you.

All it took was about 30 minutes. easy peasy.

Afterwards, around 1ish we walked to the Myanmar embassy to try to get our visa. Come to find out they only open from 8am to noon Monday thru Friday. So we gotta go back bright and early on Monday to get that done. Hopefully head to Myanmar by Wednesday for 2 weeks before heading to Africa.

Oh and ticket already purchased last night from BKK to Tanzania for $563. Its going to take about 86 hours to get there (28 hours). Layover at New Delhi for 8 hours and Doha for 5.5 hours. Can't wait!

Have to show this to the authority when I get to Tanzania to prove that I got my shots. 


Leaving Australia!!!!!! =D

Leaving KL to BKK.


10 baht a bowl which equals to about $.30 cents. 

I ate 10 of them = $3. That's my dinner. I love SE Asia. 

Just finished getting my blood pressure done. I killed it. 

Bangkok Red Cross Travel Clinic. 



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