Goodbye Australia

6 months later time to leave Aussie. Long story short, we posted an ad to sell our van for $6,500AU on gumtree (Australia version of craigslist) a week before we arrive in Cairns just to see if anyone will answer the ad. There were a couple hundred of views after a few days but no one replied. So we decided to drop the price to $5,900 and a couple start to answer back after a couple of days. One german couple came to look at it and seem to really like it but never heard back from them with an offer. But Vanessa is quite smart and she suggested we have an open house just like house for sales except this is for a campervan. Great idea I thought since we don't have anywhere or anything else to do anyway. So we posted another ad on gumtree on Tuesday 27th saying that we will have our first campervan open house right by the esplanade on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th from 9am to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm. 

Thursday around 10 am, a german couple showed up to do a test drive. Everything went well but he wanted to see how it start in the morning when the engine is cold first and he want to bring the van to a mechanic to have it do an inspection to make sure everything runs ok. Friday, we met again and did all that. Everything passed and we decided on $4,300. Saturday, our home on wheels for the past 3 months is gone. 

Next plan is to go to Bangkok to get our Myanmar visa. We checked flight tickets flying out from Cairns but everything was too expensive. Brisbane was the cheapest flying out so we decided to get a Jucy campervan relocation for $1/day and drive ourselves down to Brisbane in 4 days time. 

I missed the van but it's a huge load off of my shoulder not having the need to worry about any mechanical failures or maintenance. Back to backpacking life. 

The story went a little longer than I planned it. I apologize. 

Travaled the whole east coast of Aussie. About the same distance from Boston to Miami. But side trips added an additional 1,000 miles. Got to see and do heapsssssss. Very satisfied. 

Cairns Festival. Outdoor movie on the esplanade by the beach. 

Cairns Lagoon. Free!!!!!!!

Cairns Lagoon again. I repeat Frreeeee. Who need to go to the infinity pool. 

Yup you guessed it. 

Cairns festival. Guy playing with fire on sticks. 

Cleaning and packing up. Ready to hand this beauty over at 9am.

The new owner!!!!

First sushi meal in 10 months. gosh. 

some weird looking tree. 

Saw this thing in the middle of highway. His friend died and he was trying to wake him up. so sad. 

Met up with Dave again one more time before leaving. @ Airlie Beach. 

Good people. 

Miles of nothingness. I think that's a Kangaroo. 


Look ridiculous. But at least it goes fast. 

Our old van is so much better. 

This is what you do when you get desperate. 


Last night before handing our home over. 


The bed sucks. Only awesome thing is there is a dvd player. That's pretty sweet. 


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