Well, 3 days here in Yangon so far and it's been a city where you keep saying "wtf" in your head. I thought Hanoi was crazy. Instead of dodging motorbikes in Hanoi, here you dodge real cars. I don't even know where to begin. I guess first of all, weather here in September is not the best time to visit. It is super stupid hot and humid. It's about 90 degrees here with 80% humidity. Its worst when you staying in a room with no AC.  May I remind you this is their fall season. Pretty sure I would melt and die during the summer months.

The city itself kinda smells and really dirty. Public buses from the 1960s are basically falling apart but still running. But people are really nice. They try to help you even though they don't speak much english.

uuummmm....I feel that other SE Asia countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand are so cater to backpackers and with Myanmar is not so much just yet. There are no hostels only guesthouses and hotels. The prices keep on going up every year. You don't really get what you paid for here unlike other southeast asia countries. You can pay $25 for a single room with no AC and outside bathroom in Yangoon. But in Vietnam or Cambodia or Thailand, no more than $5. Pretty crazy but still worth a visit before it start to focus too much on tourists.

Enough of the city after 3 days. Heading up to Nyaung-U (Bagan) to check out some temples. Should be a 10 hour overnight bus ride up north from Yangon.

Shwedagon Pagoda during sunset


Place is pretty big.

Dying or dead.

Those ropes with a clip or loop at the end are for residents living above and too lazy to come down to buy stuff. I would do the same. 

I hope those are telephone lines laying on the sidewalk. 

Need to call someone? Go to one of these street stalls. 

Professional electrician. 

Picture taken at the Sky Bistro. One of the tallest building in Yangon......20th floor. 

Still a pretty good view. 


Huge market. 

Cleaning the curb. Gots to do it. 

Me happy with $966,000 kyat that is. 

Lunch. Not sure what that guy behind us is wearing. Could be a thong over his shorts. 

crappy sidewalk. Could be worst.

like this...but still could be worst.

$10 meal. Crazy. 

Inside one of the pagoda.


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