Inle Lake, Nyaung Shew

Local Myanmar food. Crepes w/ onion & tomato and an egg. Just kid.

Pretty much cover in dirty and dust every time you walk outside. 

Local market

Aquarius Inn

Had a little extra money to spent toward our Myanmar trip so decided to get a nicer room. 

Nepali Restaurant around the corner of our inn. Delicious paneer curry with chapati and Myanmar beer. 

The owner's daughter hung out with us during dinner.

Bike ride with Shane from Oz.

Kids at an orphanage waving at us while riding by. So cute. 

We rode by a tons of boys that were walking to school. We said Hello and one of them told us to follow him so we did. Visited the Main Thouk Village Orphanage on the way to see the forest monastery. 

Talking to one of the volunteers and told us about the history and gave us a tour of the place. He also served us green tea and some local food they made with rice powder, leaks, and banana leafs. 

Inle Lake

The Forest Monastery.

The Main Thouk Orphanage for about 35 boys. The girls one is down the road.

Going for a boat day trip on Inle Lake with Andy, Richard (Germany) and Shane (Oz)

These are local farmers that live on the lake. They are picking seaweed from the bottom of the lake to use as fertilizer for their tomato garden. 

Tomato garden.

Girl cutting up the lotus roots to make threads of fabric so they can make clothes out of them. 

Making a scarf out of the lotus roots. 

Sweatshop. Just kidding. Pretty sure it's more of a show for tourists. 

A village on the lake. 

Andy making cigars. It was pretty good. 

Bus stop from Mandalay to Nyaung Shaw.

Flat tire. During this bus ride up the mountain, the lady sitting next to us and behind us kept on throwing up because of motion sickness. Gross. 

Had to transfer to a smaller van to get to our destination. 

another villiage on the lake. 

Asked our guide how much it cost to build one of these with a thatch roof. About $1000usd. Pretty sure they poop, pee, and bath on this lake. 

We took a swim in it anyway at the end of our trip. Away from the village. 


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