Next stop: Myanmar (Burma)

The process of getting a Myanmar visa in Bangkok was super easy and fast. We arrived yesterday at 7am by taking the BTS skytrain and we were the first in line at the door. We paid 5 baht ($.15) for the application at some copier store around the corner of the embassy to fill out while we were waiting. (We could get it for free inside the office but that would mean we have to wait until the office is open at 9.) Safed a bunch of time doing that since there were 40 to 50 people in line by 8:30am. All it took was 15 minutes to hand in our application. We paid 1035 baht ($32) for next day pick up. 

Went back today at 3:30pm and we were in and out in 5 minutes. Tomorrow, we will be heading to Myanmar for two weeks!!! Gotta wake up stupid early at 4:30am for our 7:15am flight though. Good thing the flight is only a little over an hour long. 

First in line. Bright and early. 

Inside. Look pretty sketchy.

Pretty nice visa. Another sticker on my passport. 

The line today picking up.

across the street. These badasses decided not to get in line. Once the door opened, they stormed right in. 

Inside the embassy this afternoon.


  1. Haha brings back memories. Myanmar's security is a total joke, just FYI. Make sure to bring crispy, unmarked, brand new USD bills.


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