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Hitch hiking in South Korea

I was kinda hesitant hitch hiking in South Korea just because bus tickets is fairly cheap and it's a small country. I've hitchhiked once back in the states and a few times when I was in Australia. Those were pretty easy since they are english spoken countries. Australia was super easy since there were so many backpackers traveling and most locals are pretty open minded and kind about picking up hitchhikers.

We have talked to other backpackers in South Korea about their experience and they all said it's really easy  and people are really friendly. So we decided to give it a try. =) We were open to either going down towards the south and then east or east and then south. Its a normal ride of maybe 4ish hours by bus, so not really so far. We said our goodbyes to Adam our host, and left bright and early around 9am and had to take an hour or so public transport/walking to get sufficiently out of the city. 

We wrote the city name, Busan, in Korean. Headed to the nearest service s…

Jeonju, a nice quiet little city.

Our last week or so in South Korea was spent between the 2 cities of Jeonju and Busan. We decided to go to Jeonju purely because there's a free foreigner only shuttle between Seoul and Jeonju for the year 2013. So we couchsurfed with a UK guy named Adam and ended up spending much of our weekend with him. Pretty cool guy as it turns out doing the typical gig teaching English and really enjoying it (as most people seem to).

Didn't do too much in Jeonju. The only touristy thing to do is to walk around the Hanok village. Lucky for us, they had the bibimbap festival that same weekend. Basically just a bunch of Korean chefs displaying their own style of bibimbap dishes. It was ok. 

The rest of the weekend were spent hanging out with Adam. Vanessa and him cooked a lot. Adam made us shepherd's pie the second night we were there. While Vanessa went crazy and made brownies, chocolate cookies, roasted chestnuts, and roasted peas. It was really good. I wouldn't know what to do …

Final week in Seoul.

I know I'm a backpacker but I still like to splurge on myself once in awhile. Especially when Patagonia has 50% off. Ultralight down jacket.
Went to see NANTA. A korean show that made it to broadway. Its a must see. Funniest show I have ever seen. 
Just took a picture of my ticket for the sake of my bad memory.
lot of umbrellas.
Met Natalia 1st week we were in Seoul. She took us to a russian  restaurant to try her some local cuisine. Very delicious. 

Went to Dan and Serim's apartment for some chicken and beer. 
Best chicken everrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Palace. A big one.....oh wait. no that's a shrine for the dead. 
Korean BBQ part 2.
Met up with my friend Kee. Haven't seen him since freshmen in hs. He is now living in Korea. Playing some one on one here. 
Last day at Deric's place. 
Japanese noodle. $6. so good. 
Best red bean dessert with chestnuts and ginger candy. 
Youngho and Dan.

Last dinner in Seoul. Again chicken and beer. except we didn't get any beer.
Front of…

Jeju & U-do Island

I don't even remember what I did the past few days and I'm too lazy to make an effort to remember. I'm already having a hard time figuring out the day of the week and time. So I'm just going to post up pictures again.

Jeju Island City. Our hostel was around here.
Lava tube cave.

Hiking Mt.Hallasan, highest mountain in South Korea at around 6,300ft.
Korean BBQ at the famous black pork street. Pork taste like regular pork to me. 
Cycling around U-do Island, 15km total.
Found a mermaid that turned into stone. 
Found a couple riddles in english while hiking. These instructions would have probably killed me.
8 hours of hiking. 
The hostel we stayed at on Jeju Island. The forest hotel. 
$13 pp a night. 

Scooter gang.
U-do island.
U-do island again.

Some volcanic crater in the background. One of the 7th wonder in the world.