First 6 days in Seoul

One of the side streets in Gangnam. 

Our couchsurfing host in Guui, Youngho. We were his first couchsurfers as well. He made us some Korean pancakes with kimchi and rice wine.

Saw a Korean wedding. 

Some palace.

Busy street in Insadong.

Tea house in Insadong. I got a wild peach tea for $7usd but it was yummy.

10/9/2013. Noted.

Dinner at a local chicken restaurant with some friends. Brandon, the one with the hat on, used to be in a popular indie band called We need surgery. Pretty good music. He was the drummer.

After dinner. We stopped at this take out place with Great fries and beer.

Some statue.

Cheonggyecheon stream. A 5.8km flowing west to east in Seoul.

Awesome place to walk at night. Especially on weekends when there are street musicians performing.

Love this place.

Night time. Every store is a restaurant. Pretty crazy. And Koreans can drink.

Up in Seoul tower. Love locks. 

City of Seoul. 

Hiking the Seoul fortress wall.

Lunch time.


1st Korean BBQ in Korea. Sssoooooooo ggoooodd. I was in Heaven.

Youngho's apartment. Where we slept.

Making dinner.

Korean girls dancing.

Took a picture with us in it and mailed it to ourselves a year from that night. 10/10/2013.

Josh bought us some cupcakes.


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