Jeju & U-do Island

I don't even remember what I did the past few days and I'm too lazy to make an effort to remember. I'm already having a hard time figuring out the day of the week and time. So I'm just going to post up pictures again.

Jeju Island City. Our hostel was around here.

Lava tube cave.

Hiking Mt.Hallasan, highest mountain in South Korea at around 6,300ft.

Korean BBQ at the famous black pork street. Pork taste like regular pork to me. 

Cycling around U-do Island, 15km total.

Found a mermaid that turned into stone. 

Found a couple riddles in english while hiking. These instructions would have probably killed me.



8 hours of hiking. 

The hostel we stayed at on Jeju Island. The forest hotel. 


$13 pp a night. 

Scooter gang.

U-do island.

U-do island again.

Some volcanic crater in the background. One of the 7th wonder in the world. 

The whole U-do Island. not very big.

Ferry with no seats. Take your shoes off and just sit anywhere on the floor. I dig.

Black sand beach.


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