Back in Kyoto for a day.

Took an hour train ride from Osaka to Kyoto for the day to meet up with Celestine and Jason to go do some outdoor climbing. Met up in Kyoto station at 8am and took bus 17 for over an hour to somewhere where a lot of hikers got off. Then walk a long crappy 45 minute on this really steep hill to get to the crag. Got to the crag just before 11am then 6 hours of awesomeness after that. 

Jay chillin. Haven't even started climbing yet. 

Me leading to setup top rope for these amateurs. Just kid. 

climb on. 

great view. 



Met here.

Bus stop at this little store. Trail starts here. 

walk through a small farm village.

into the woods.

stupid hill.

sorry for the blur.

Tough guy. I think i was pulling my shorts down. 

Just an overall tough top rope climbers.

Good night. 


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