Last few days in South Korea was spent in Busan, where we will be taking a 3 hour ferry over to Fukuoka, Japan.

Day 1: Went over to Taegeukdo village. Spend about 4 hours walking around the village. Well worth the time. Lots to see and fun to get lost in by walking through tiny alleys. ( http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_6.jsp?cid=1056152)

Then we walked over to the fish market. Had some live octopus there for $10usd. Split between Vanessa, Thomas, and I. Moved around in your mouth a little bit but not too bad since the pieces are so small. Tasted just like seafood. Nothing special. The experience of having a live octopus tentacles moving in your mouth was interesting.

Day 2: Went to the largest department store in the world. That was crazy and really nothing to see but a bunch of fancy stores. We then took the train to Haeundae beach and decided to walk a really long time to see a temple. Not sure the distance but it was a few hours of walking along the coast.

Day 3: Left earlying in the AM and went to the port to Japan!

Last Korea BBQ!!!

Slipped while hiking. No bandages. Had to use a vagina pad. Worked awesomely well.


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