Finally in Kyoto.

I love Kyoto. Vanessa and I spent a full week there surfing at Celestine's tiny apartment. I met Celestine through couchsurfing. We were originally going to stay for only 3 nights but she insist that we might as well stay for a full week so we did. Didn't do that much while we were there. Basically just visited a few famous temples, walked around the city, and eat. Been eating tons of sushi (really delicious) and Udon noodles. We've been going to supermarkets to buy these pre-made udon noodle package that comes with temperas/ egg for around $2 to $3. Really cheap. Eating out in Japan is really not too expensive. We could get a pretty good meal for around $7 each person. Same as the states.

 Did a lot of walking and hiking that's for sure. Blah. No more hiking.

Vanessa was showing Celestine how to setup anchors. I'm holding up the anchors while she practice. 

Random wrestling match at Celest's university. The wrestling club. Pretty funny.

And then there is this dude.

Kyoto Station.


Most expensive yet in Japan. Grilling some meat and vegetables on that little pot. 

The restaurant. We were on the second floor. 

Golden temple. 


Found a candy store. 

I like the driveway.

Celest's crib.

Vending machine serving hot drinks. awesome.

Found a giant buddha.

another temple with a great view. sunset. 

Me, Vanessa, and Peter.

Bamboo forest.

Cool roof.

Lunch on top of some mountain. 

School kids. Like the backpacks. 


A light show in the neighborhood. 


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