Hiking, cosplays, giant tuna, and best sushi in the world.

The title pretty much sums it all up. Some pictures and the story will be complete. WARNING: long post. Scroll at your own risk.

Part 1) Hiking Mt.Mitake-san

ready for a lonnnggggg day hike.







Part 2) Cosplays
Harajuku is the place to be on Sunday afternoon if you want to see some locals or even foreigners dress up in cosplays. It is quite a scene.  

Um I don't know.

so many people.

I don't know.

dude...yes he's a dude but it's cool.

cool gallery

I don't know. This was part of the gallery. a bit scary to me.

lilly, Jessica, V, and I. Lunch.

X-mas is around the corner. 

Part 3) Tokyo fish market
Woke up at 6:30am today to head over to the fish market where most of tokyo businesses and supermarkets get their little fishies from. There are a couple of really really popular sushi joints at the market that serves fresh sushi for breakfast. Apparently, people wait 2 to 5 hours in line for it. Lucky for us, we only waited for about 45 mins or so starting at 8:30am. I must say it was the best sushi I have ever eaten and it was super cheap (46,000yen or $46usd for about 10 awesome pieces of sushi) consider the fish are super fresh. After breakfast, we walked around the market where the fishermen cut up giant tunas and pack them up to deliver them to businesses. 

Afterwards, we walked around town.

Subway stop to the market

Market entrance

Sushi restaurants. 

Let the wait begin.


Sushi will never be the same ever again.

This is another line for another sushi restaurant. Def. a 5 hour wait here. 

Poor delicious fishies.


Giant tuna getting cut up.

There is the head.

two people to lift up this bad boy.


frozen tuna.

Nice calender, Mr.fisherman.


Big pieces of tuna selling at dirt cheap price since there is no middleman involve here. 


Happy valentine's day.

Mini food vans.

tokyo station

bumper car track

yellow trees.

yellow and orange trees.

Kodak moment.

crap load of orange trees.


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