First stop in Japan: Fukuoka. Not too big of a city and not too many people. I enjoyed it. Only stayed here for a couple of days. Didn't do too much. Basically, just walked to harbour and visited the city library. We had to head up to Kyoto by the 7th to meet up with a CS host who would host us there. In order to save money on hostels, we go to places where we could find CS hosts to host us. Hostels in Japan could get quite expensive. Average $25 to $30 a night. That's a lot for a backpacker on a budget.

Australia beaches spoiled me. 

All restaurants here have these ticket machines. It's like getting a ticket for the train. 

Noodle with pork.

Bacon sushi. sounds good to me. $1usd per plate. Had about 20 of these. 

Everyone cycle here. awesome. 

Pretty cool concept. Your own little cubicle when eating.


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