Oh dear.

Took the Kintetsu line train from Fusa station to Nara station today. I just wanted to go hang out with some deers. Don't really care for the temples, shrines, or palaces in the area. I walked around the whole area anyway since I was there. Deers were a lot more fun to see.

We then took the train back to Osaka- Namba for dinner. Found this little "Italian" restaurant. Pizzas were surprisingly good.

Went to this really good tuna ma and pap restaurant for lunch. Opened for 36 years. Awesome food.

I don't even think the restaurant has a name. 

Oh look. Another temple and pagoda. ya...

my new friends. 


what a cute deer.



Nice view of Nara. Dumb stairs.

Deer invasion.

Pizza for dinner. 



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