Osaka sky building.

Last day in Osaka before heading to Yokohama. We took a 30 min train ride out to Kobe (west of Osaka and famous for Kobe beef) during the day. Went back to Umeda, Osaka at night to go up to the sky building.

Stayed with Elliot for a week in his tiny loft. Elliot is Vanessa's friend from Canada. 

$500usd/ month. I can dig it. 

Leaving. =(


Taking the JR rail from Umeda to Kobe.

Kobe shopping plaza.

Trip is not complete unless we visit chinatown. 

Back in Umeda, Osaka.

Back to Kobe. Time travel.

Umeda sky bldg.

They gave me a star to write my xmas wish for this year when we entered the building. 


Moon on fire. 


  1. Your wish is hilarious. Did you get to try Kobe steak at all? It's a pretty cool building! :)


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