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Cycling Taiwan Day 19: Donggang to Hengchun

We woke up at 8am to catch the 9 o'clock ferry back to mainland to continue our ride down to Hengchun. The whole ride through the south is absolutely amazing. Right along the coastline. The ride was only about 4 hours long. Arrived in Hengchun city at around 2:30ish, settled in to our hostel (Bluehi hostel), and walked around the city. 
This is probably the most weird hostel I have stayed at in 13 months of traveling. Location is pretty good but just the way where the hostel is established and how the floor plan is layout is really weird but kinda in a nice way. It is a 7 story residential apartment building. The hostel lobby is located on the first floor next to the apartment security lobby. So the 1st floor split in half.....oh crap. I don't even know how to explain it. Just know that its weird in a nice way. Also, I have never slept so close to a complete stranger this whole year. They put the beds literally right besides each other no space in between. They did put a curt…

Cycling Taiwan Day 18: Liuqui Island

Took the last picture with Ping and Aya before leaving to further south. Our destination today is to Liuqui island but first we have to ride to Donggang, about 30km from Kaoshiung, to take a 30 min. ferry ride over. We barely made it to our 12:30pm ferry ride. We got our ferry tickets for $13usd roundtrip and $1.50usd for our bikes each. 
Once we got on the island, we went around a few guesthouses to ask for prices. Found one for $33 a night. We dropped off our bags and spend the next few hours riding around the island. It only takes about an hour to ride around the 18km island but we stopped at a lot of places to enjoy the view. 
Best thing was there are barely anyone on the island since it is offseason. 

Saw another fellow Asian Canadian girl cycling around the island. 

Night time on the island. Pretty dead. view from our room balcony
Got the top floor.

Lobster cave or bay. Forgot.
Fishing boats.

Pretty sweet coming here in the offseason. Not a single car. Barely any people.

Cycling Taiwan Day 16 & 17: last day in Kaoshiung

Spend the last couple of days with Ping and Aya just being lazy and trying to get fat. 
Ping's parents took us out to eat. Giant hot pot.

After hotpot, Ice cream.
Next day, went to Aya's relatives baking store. Ate more cake. 
Ping then took us to his parent's weekend house. Crazy.
Then went to the movies to watch 'The secret life of Walter Mitty'. Fun movie to watch. 
For less than $10 usd, we got this incline sofa seats, popcorn, hot dog, and a coke. 
After movies, we ate again. 

We did some excercise for a bit. 

Cycling Taiwan Day 15: Happy Holiday 2013 in Kaoshiung!

We get to spend christmas this year with one of my oldest friend here in Kaoshiung. It was so nice of him to let us stay at his place for a few nights and take us out to show us around the city. I couldn't ask for a better christmas this year. We first went out to one of many fancy mall here in the city to go shopping for our yankee swap that was happening later that night. All 4 of us seperated for 30 minutes to get whatever our $30usd allow us to get. I ended up getting a 1000 piece puzzle. 
Left the mall and head out for hot pot for dinner. Met a couple of Ping's friends, Allen and Eric. 
After dinner we headed over to KTV. I have never been a huge fan of it and still don't really get what is so much fun about it. Maybe because I'm such a horrible singer. Having a mono tone voice doesn't help at all. After a few hours of singing, we all pick a random piece of paper in a bag. Whatever matches the picture on the box then that's yours. I got a pair of SONY ear…