1st four days in Taipei

We arrived late afternoon and went straight to our CS host's place in central Taipei. Met up with Michael, an Isreali fellow who's also been traveling around Asia for the past 3 months or so, who we found was also doing a cycling tour via Reddit! We had started emailing him while in Japan, so he so kindly helped us reserve our bikes in advance. So we met up with him at the Giant bike store that night to put our deposit down and check out the nearby night market.

The next 3 days, I met up with my friends that I met traveling in previous countries. Edmond, I met when I was in Myanmar. Tony, I met when I stayed at a hostel in Seattle almost 3 years ago. Basically, we  spend the whole 4 days going to different places to eat a crap load of cheap awesome tasting food. 

Weather was perfect. waiting for the bus at the airport to head into to Taipei.

Met up with Mike and looking for my first taste of Taiwan.

I still don't know who would want to buy these. Nicely packaged though.

Sticky tofu!

best shaved ice ever with strawberry and mango.

Hanging out in the parking lot in front on building 101 eating shaved ice. 

Walking around in JiuFen. 

Have to walk through this tunnel to this restaurant we didn't go eat at. 

Got a haircut but lady didn't understand that I just wanted short. I didn't want it to be all stylish. She basically just cut it the way she wanted. I can't do anything about it since I don't speak Mandarin. Oh well, it was funny. Oh haircut costed me $3usd.

Edmond and Tony just took us to eat everywhere!!!! so good!!!

City of Taipei

Having Oolong tea.

Our CS host, Gary. Planning the day trip.

Gary's rooftop apartment. Building 101 on the left. 

Jiufen again.

Ice cream wrapped in something and peanuts. pretty good.

JiuFen at night.

One of the most photograph street in Jiufen.

More food. My favorite: Wu Roe Fan. Pork rice.

Gary took us to this award winning restaurant for their pork rice. 

Din Tai Fung. Ranked #1 out of 101 top restaurant in Asia. Pork dumpling is absolutely the best. 

Edmond and Tony

Locals trying to figure how to take the train. They had no idea. 

So many people.


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