Busy intersection

Wednesday Nov. 27th

We decided to do a little more local exploration and check out our surrounding neighborhood of Meguro, known for super fashionable furniture... and a parasite museum (only one in the world and pretty disturbing). Also cool, was the "rake" festival that was going on at the local shrine, where they set up a bunch of food stalls and stalls selling these crazy elaborate rakes that I think are given as offerings at the temples. Interesting. The fun thing is the clapping dance you get when you buy one. 

gonna vomit

length of a tape warm...saw this and ready to leave right away.

Grilled fish.

Octopus balls.

Some temple festival

fat wheels.

being weird

sweet bookstore

We then walked all the way to Shibuya, passing by lots of busy shopping streets, random embassies, found a sweet library and then made it Shibuya, in time to catch some crazy street crossing action (the busiest intersection in the world is the Shibuya crossing). Walked around a bit in the area and then it was back home to save some money and cook dinner.


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