Cycling Taiwan Day 13-14: Chilling in Kaoshiung.

Day 13: Koashiung & Ci jin Island

$.50 for a 'mon tou'. So good.


Heading over to Ci jin 'island'. It's not really an island. 

10 minute ferry ride. again the ride each way costed $.50.

Black sand beach.

Travis and I enjoying the view.

There is a cave up there somewhere. 

Vanessa getting her climb on.

Me getting my climb on. Vanessa belaying me.

Travis looking good.

Our fan club.

Cafe we ate dinner ate after a hard day of climbing.

Almost to the cave. People looking at us.

Inside the cave.

way inside the save.

After climbing we went back to our host. He took us out to the biggest night market in Taiwan. 

Climbing back down from the cave.

Stinky Tofu. Yum.

Vanessa's favorite. Shaved ice....Bed time.

Day 14: Pier 2 art gallery.

We left Aking's place around noon time before his other surfer arrive. Been a great 3 nights here.

Beautiful place.

Doesn't look like it from the outside. 2nd floor. 

Cycling over to Pier 2.

Tallest building in Kaoshiung.

I'm not a weirdo.

V asking how much it is to go into the art galleries. It was about $6usd. We decided not to go in. 

The outdoor arts are good enough and it's free.

shipping containers.

bubble bee.

Guy cleaning a fake train station. silly man.

Talk to the hand.

Formosa subway station.

After pier 2 and meeting up with V's college friend. We cycled about 10km up north to my friend's place. Waiting for him at the lobby.

Did not know he was this baller.

Yup i'm a bum.

Balcony lake view from the 9th floor.


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