Cycling Taiwan Day 18: Liuqui Island

Took the last picture with Ping and Aya before leaving to further south. Our destination today is to Liuqui island but first we have to ride to Donggang, about 30km from Kaoshiung, to take a 30 min. ferry ride over. We barely made it to our 12:30pm ferry ride. We got our ferry tickets for $13usd roundtrip and $1.50usd for our bikes each. 

Once we got on the island, we went around a few guesthouses to ask for prices. Found one for $33 a night. We dropped off our bags and spend the next few hours riding around the island. It only takes about an hour to ride around the 18km island but we stopped at a lot of places to enjoy the view. 

Best thing was there are barely anyone on the island since it is offseason. 

Saw another fellow Asian Canadian girl cycling around the island. 

Night time on the island. Pretty dead. view from our room balcony

Got the top floor.

Lobster cave or bay. Forgot.

Fishing boats.

Pretty sweet coming here in the offseason. Not a single car. Barely any people.

Reminds me of Oz.

vase rock.


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