Cycling Taiwan Day 19: Donggang to Hengchun

We woke up at 8am to catch the 9 o'clock ferry back to mainland to continue our ride down to Hengchun. The whole ride through the south is absolutely amazing. Right along the coastline. The ride was only about 4 hours long. Arrived in Hengchun city at around 2:30ish, settled in to our hostel (Bluehi hostel), and walked around the city. 

This is probably the most weird hostel I have stayed at in 13 months of traveling. Location is pretty good but just the way where the hostel is established and how the floor plan is layout is really weird but kinda in a nice way. It is a 7 story residential apartment building. The hostel lobby is located on the first floor next to the apartment security lobby. So the 1st floor split in half.....oh crap. I don't even know how to explain it. Just know that its weird in a nice way. Also, I have never slept so close to a complete stranger this whole year. They put the beds literally right besides each other no space in between. They did put a curtain between it. And I thought the 1 ft space between beds were close when I was in Vietnam and Cambodia. But the staff is really nice.  

Got our $.50 montou (bread) for breakfast before heading to the ferry.

Port back to mainland.

Perfect sunny day. Riding along the coast.

Can't believe no one have boulder this rock. 

Cont. our ride.

I love it. Don't judge.

The hostel is inside this residential apartment building.

Hostel is straight ahead.

Common area. Pretty nice.

Arrived at Hengchun ancient city.

Listening to some tunes.

Having a dance party by myself while listening to Ellie Goulding.


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