Cycling Taiwan Day 4 & 5: Taichung to Sun moon lake

The slow climb killed me. No more cycling up a mountain. 

Getting ready to head out around 8:30am. Gotta have some local Taiwanese breakfast sandwich and a milk tea first. 

Got my first flat about two hours in. 15 minutes later fixed.  


Merry Xmas!

Even though it was a tough uphill ride. Scenery was pretty good.


Stopped at bought some fresh strawberries from this farm. Best strawberries I have eaten in my life. Not even exaggerating. 

Once we arrived, we checked in to our hotel and met up with Mike again and ate at this western cafe for dinner. 

Our budget hotel. $20usd pp/night. 

Tunnels are fun when there are no cars.

Finally after 3 hours of stupid uphill. 

Day 5

Rented a scooter for $8usd to ride around the 33km lake. No cycling for us today. Legs have been sore for 5 days straight and today felt the worst because of the uphill yesterday. Also went to a Giant bike shop to buy a pair of cycling shorts for $40usd with padding. It was worth it. 

Found a cafe that is made out of cardboard.

365 steps. each steps is one day. 



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