Cycling Taiwan Day 3: Abandoned amusement park in Taichung.

After cycling over 200km two days in a row, I needed at least a day of rest for my poor legs and butt. However, still managed to ride over 30km on "rest" day.

We visited an abandoned amusement park called Encore Garden in Taichung. Not really sure why it was abandoned but I believed it was only abandoned 4 or 5 years ago. So Vanessa, Mike, and I left the hostel at around 8am and biked 11km to the park. It was easy to find thanks to google maps and other bloggers who have visited the location.

When we arrived, a local man saw us lock up our bikes to the fence and told us that we are not allow to go in. There is nothing to see and trees are falling everywhere. We didn't care. We waited for him to leave and we climbed over the fence to start our two hour tour in the park.

Heading in.

I think this was a restaurant. Not sure but it has tables and chairs.

Damn people can't clean up after themselves.

to the performance stage.

did not go in to that building. too lazy to walk there.

they figured out how to open the gate.

found old newspaper dated back to 2008.


poor cup.

couldn't mind taking one of those home.


outdoor stage for something.

an insect museum. yikes.


park entrance.

car entrance.

the dressing room. still have messages written all the way back to the year 1999. lots of people from Europe and Russia. 

I don't know. just creepy.

When we were on our way out. The same guy who told us not to go in saw us and started yelling at us. Threatening us that he will call the police. We just apologized and left. No biggie. 

Got back to the hostel for some lunch then head over to the Rainbow Village. From what I read online, the village is an old military dependents village, made up of houses built in the late 40s to 50s, used as housing for Nationalists soldiers, which were later converted into permanent housing. One day the Taiwan government announced that they wanted to demolish the place. But Mr. Huang was having none of it so he grabbed some paints and a brush and started painting the whole village. Now the government decided to shift their urban renewal plans around to help preserve this tiny village they once want to get rid of. 

Village was super tiny. You could walk the whole thing in literally 5 minutes. 

As Ice Cube would say 'Today was a good day'. 


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