Cycling Taiwan Day 15: Happy Holiday 2013 in Kaoshiung!

We get to spend christmas this year with one of my oldest friend here in Kaoshiung. It was so nice of him to let us stay at his place for a few nights and take us out to show us around the city. I couldn't ask for a better christmas this year. We first went out to one of many fancy mall here in the city to go shopping for our yankee swap that was happening later that night. All 4 of us seperated for 30 minutes to get whatever our $30usd allow us to get. I ended up getting a 1000 piece puzzle. 

Left the mall and head out for hot pot for dinner. Met a couple of Ping's friends, Allen and Eric. 

After dinner we headed over to KTV. I have never been a huge fan of it and still don't really get what is so much fun about it. Maybe because I'm such a horrible singer. Having a mono tone voice doesn't help at all. After a few hours of singing, we all pick a random piece of paper in a bag. Whatever matches the picture on the box then that's yours. I got a pair of SONY earphones from Ping (by luck) and he got my puzzle also by luck. 

I'm ready for 2014.

Delicious dinner.

I'm having so much fun.


Ha. He will never finish it. 

Vanessa opening her gift from Allen. 

Sad face.

Happy face.

We went out of midnight snack after KTV. 


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