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Video: My life in 2013.


Final destination: Boston

Well, this is it. 14 months and 10 countries. I can't believe how fast all this went by. I landed in Boston and it feels like I have never left. Its a really weird feeling. I thought I was ready to come back home before and really looking forward to seeing friends, family, and get back on a regular daily routine but that feeling disappeared right away the second I landed back in San Diego and it hit me even harder after landing in Boston. 
Not sure what to think of it. Time to get a job I guess to get some money. And time to plan my next escape! =)  Until next time..........

Thanks for checking out my blog.

San Diego bound

Left Taipei airport at 7:40pm...9 hour flight to Hawaii. 

Got a few hours to spare at Honolulu. Decided to hit the beach and AT&T to get a new number with a Hawaii area code. 808 son!
San Diego Pacific beach. 

Stayed at my buddy's place that is 3 mins walk to mission beach. That's his neighbor early in the AM. 
There is my bed for 5 days. Pretty sweet. 
I miss campervans. 
La Jolla

Goodbye V

January 15th 2014- Time to fly back to the states. That means Vanessa and I have to part ways....for now at least. Said plenty of goodbyes this year but this one hits it the most. We checked out of Okura hotel at noon, walked around to find lunch before catching the airport bus ($90nt). Vanessa is flying to Vietnam at 5:30pm to continue her travel and i'm catching the 7:40 flight to San Diego. 
Lunch before bus to the airport.

It's time. Chilling at the airport food court.
Caught up with her just before she left. yup just like in the movies. 

Let it rainnnnn!!!! Okura prestige hotel @ Taipei.

Well, last night before heading back to the states. 14 months of hostels, couchsurfing, living in a van, sleeping on park benches...etc. I think I deserved one night at a 5 star hotel. $260 for the night was worth every penny.

Checking in. We are so out of place.
Hotel lobby.
Trying to figure out how to open the curtains. 

Just look at that rain shower head. 

you can tell she is poor from those big holes in her socks. tsk tsk tsk. 
Feel just like sleeping on a cloud. 
Time to check out. =(

Taipei part 2. Last 5 days in Taipei.

Our 31 day cycling tour around Taiwan is over. We still have 5 days left before our departure from Taiwan. So we met up with our old and new friends and pretty much just ate our hearts out.

Met Leslie (from US) from the Taiwan climbing group on facebook when we first arrived in Taiwan. She knew we were looking for CS host in our last few days in the city and offered us her sofa to us for 3 nights. 
Leaving Leslie's apartment.
V getting her passport photos done for her vietnam visa. 
Our other baller CS host in Taipei. Stayed here for two nights. 
Luan let us stay at his parent's apartment while they were traveling. 
Heading to the YehLui geo park.
pretty cool rock formation.

there is the famous queens head everyone are in line to take a picture of. 

let the fiesta begin!

went the Civic bouldering gym one day. $6.50.
Leslie and V chating.
Hanging out at Luan's university.
Hiked up elephant mountain.