Cycling Taiwan Day 20-23: Hengchun & Kending Happy New Year 2014!!!

We stayed in the Southern tip of Taiwan for 5 days. First day we were there we decided to walk 18km from Kending to the souther most tip of the country. It was really tiring day. Second day, we rented a scooter for $400nt ($13usd) for the day. Visited the Kending recreational area and white sand beach. Third day, just hung out at the beach and celebrated new years.  The fourth sat at the hostel all day just watching tv. Fantastic.

Beaches here reminds me on Australia. Beautiful.

Sail rock. 

Southern most tip of Taiwan. Can't really go any further. 

Night market for dinner. 


Scooter day. One of the many places that was willing to rent a scooter without an international driver's license. awesome. 

One of the three caves we went to. 

There is the southern tip.

Lunch with Marcus and Katja. Got too much food for $10usd.

White sand beach


Went to the eternal flame- which is fueled by natural gas that rises through cracked mudstone under the earth’s surface.. Most amusing place ever. 

People are having a BBQ over these flames. 

Sign says No Venders (There are two at the entrance selling popcorn and fireworks), camps (no one was camping when we were there), fireworks (see left), and steps into the nature fire area (see background and pictures above). 

I love Asians. Making popcorn.

2014!!!!!!!!!!! Joey, the Bluehi hostel owner, took this picture by accident. Nicest guy ever! He cooked us dinner our last night at the hostel. 

Last sunset of 2013.

Hengchun, how the locals in a small town celebrate new years. It was awesome. 

One of the many performances that night. Got to see Monkey Pilot performed, an award winning band this year for best indie band. Pretty cool. 

Kending night market. Where all the foreigners hang out. 

The countdown. 


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