Cycling Taiwan Day 25 & 26: Dawu to Beinan to Dulan

We begin our ride out of Dawu around 10ish. This is probably one of the prettiest rides so far with crystal blue water. Since we are still in the south weather was just perfect. Vanessa was still a bit sick but she rode on but rest a little bit more than usual. I got my 3rd flat tire when we were only about 5k from our hostel. We decided to pass Taitung city and get a hostel that is right on the ocean coast instead. Cities doesn't really do it for me anymore. After awhile they are all the same. 

The hostel wasn't even in a town or anything. There were maybe 3 or 4 tiny family owned stores that sells fruits. And they all closed by 6pm. I almost had to bike 3 miles to get to the closest 7-11 to get food for dinner but likely after about a mile, there was still one store that open. I bought 4 packs of instant noodles and a bag of fresh tomatoes for dinner that night. Went back to the hostel and watched some tv and chatted with Bao (Wisconsin) and Jack (Bay area) from the US who is on vacation in Taiwan. 

Next day, we had to check out our hostel in Beinan because all the beds are booked for Saturday night. So we rode 5km up north to another town called Dulan. We stayed there for one night before moving on. 

3rd flat. 

can't get this picture to turn the right way. But this is where we watched tv. 

saw a monkey along the way.


Mountain view from our 4 bedroom dorm room. 

All the beds are handmade. 

Hung out here all day. 

Stayed in and watch one of the best Italian movie. 

Groundnut Hostel. 


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