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Backpacking Budget (Part 1 of 3)

I'm sure many of you who are planning to start their first trip have asked or googled "How much do I need to travel 3 months in Southeast Asia or Europe?" or "Is $20,000 USD budget enough to travel around the world for a year?".  I've read my share of travel budgeting articles on Google and r/travel subreddit before my trip to try to get an idea what to expect for my monthly budget. Curious to see if other travelers have kept track of what they spent on a daily basis so I could get an idea to prepare myself mentally. No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to their own hard earn cash. 
I have saved up well over $24,000 USD by the end of December of 2012, but I still questioned myself if that is enough to be able to travel for a full year! Family and friends who have lived and traveled there assured me a bowl of noodles will cost as cheap as $1, accommodation can get as cheap as $5 per night, and a 10 hour train with a sleeper will only cost $30 th…

Home after 14 months on the road.

When I was on the road I would have conversations online with friends I had met traveling and ask them how they felt being back home. Some fall into this deep depression for awhile until they get used to things at home again. Then there are some who are ready to start a new chapter in life. One year of traveling was enough for them and they are really excited to be back in the western lifestyle. I found this subject of conversation intriguing and have always wondered how I would feel myself.......and now I know.

Deciding to quit my job, pack up everything I need in a small 45 Liter backpack for a year, and leave a place that I had become so familiar with to travel the world solo seemed like the hard part at the time. But returning home would be one of the toughest things I had ever experienced in my adult life.

I've been back to Boston for about two months now since my 14 months backpacking through Asia and Australia. I remember that by the tenth or eleventh month, I felt that I …