My new 50,000 Sq ft castle.

It has been a little over two weeks since I decided to make the move to Hong Kong. I knew finding a place to live wouldn't be too hard, but finding a place within my price range that is clean and with sufficient living space might be difficult in this city. 

Craigslist is not always the best option. I did find a room to stay for a month last year, which you can read and watch the video HERE. Places on Airbnb are really nice, but a lot of times that also means prices per night would be too high for me.  I have also played with the idea of staying in a hostel dorm style if I couldn't find a place by the time I arrive. 

In the end, I came across this website,, and the $3000HKD ($380usd) per month is what got my attention. The pictures of the room they advertised on the website looks pretty modern, comfortable, and clean. So I talked to my friend, Vanessa, who was in Hong Kong at the time to make an appointment to check out the place for me in person. She got back to me with positive reviews and I signed a one month contract with the company. 

Location is fantastic. The subway station, Sham Shui Po, is only a two minute walk from my place. The area is one of the best locations for shopping especially for electronics and best local restaurants around in Hong Kong. 

I live on the 1st floor of this old looking building. They basically renovated the entire first floor with twenty something 50sq ft rooms to rent out. The floor is split in half between females and males. There are currently about 17 rooms being rented out at the moment. Some are a little bigger than others and some with a decent window view, those of course would cost a little more. The entrance is right at the center of the building and the cafe with the orange sign on the bottom left corner is where I eat breakfast on most days. 

And this is my 50 sq ft room with a window view of the balcony. Across from my room is the bathroom on the left and shower on the right, which are clean every day by a maid. 

For $380 a month, I can't ask for much more in this city. I'm happy as long as it's clean which it is and surprisingly quiet. I don't own a lot of things anyway, so 50 sq ft is plenty of space for me. 

I have met some of my neighbors and a couple of them are also from Boston here for work. There are a couple from Korea, Indonesia, Isreal... Etc. Most of them are here for awhile working. 

There is also a small pantry area. Being single and the price of food is so cheap here, there is really no good reason to cook. 

After work, most of us come out here to have a few drinks and hang out. I really do enjoy staying here so far so I will probably extend my contract after this month unless something drastically changes. 


  1. Not bad man. Not bad. I'm going to read more of your blog but have you told us what type of work you are doing yet? Maybe I'll find out.

  2. Looks clean. Not bad. Huge mirror! Now you can look at yourself all day long. Take some artistic body shots for Mr HK.


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