Backpacking Budget (Part 2 of 3)

I received many positive feedbacks from readers regarding the original Backpacking Budget post that was published two weeks ago and some of you have shown interest in seeing my budget for the rest of the trip so I decided to expand on this topic into three parts.

Part 1 of 3, I wrote about my budget in Southeast Asia for the month of December and January. In this post, I will include Feburary thru June mostly in more expensive countries.

Again, I wanted to keep the categories as general as possible to make it easier to keep track for myself so alcohol, bottled water, any types of drinks, snacks, meals will all be under the food category. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

*MTR= Transportation

After January, I wanted to go to Hong Kong for the month of Feburary because of Chinese New Year. I knew it was going to an expensive country to visit, especially during that time, so I decided to  rent a room for $500usd for the month (Click to see the closet I was living in.) which is still cheaper than staying at hostels when all businesses jacked up the prices for everything. 

I could probably keep it way under $1500 for the month, but I bought climbing gears and went out to a few restaurants that were over my target budget. $15 per day for food was definitely easy to accomplish if I eat locally. The MRT subway system is by far the most expensive daily expense. Each way is $1 or more depending on travel distance and it can add up quickly. Otherwise, buses, minivans and trams were the cheapest way to get around. 

If anyone is curious about the 6th where I purchased a ticket to Japan from HK for only $40, I used my American Airline mileage points. The $40 is taxes and fees for the flight. I decided to cancel that flight to fly back to Thailand instead at the end of the month.

Looking back now I'm don't really know why I was in such a rush in March. But going through three different countries in a month, I was still able to keep my $1000 per month budget and $700 less compared to the month when I stayed in Hong Kong. 

Of course I wouldn't be able to accomplish that without any help. I was fortunate enough to have a family friend that let me stay for a week in Brisbane, Australia and that is why the last week of March, my daily expense was at $0 or else I would be paying at least $30 per night for a hostel and eating a lot of can tunas and spaghetti.  

Finding ways to save money in Australia is tough unless you can find some work to do. Going out to eat was no longer an option when a single meal could cost over $10. I remember going food shopping at Coles/ Woolworths, I would always look for the 6 sausage links or ground pork to see if they are on sale for $4.99. A loaf of bread was always a must get for only $1. And a jar of Nutelle was as fancy as I got. 

The first two and a half weeks of April I was able to find a landscaping job through this website called working at Kelly's Beach Resort for 5 hours a day in exchange for free accommodation and all meals provided. It was a great way to keep your monthly budget low, hang out with some locals, or even meet other travelers. 

The month of May was a killer. I rented a room in Sydney for $95 per week and bought a campervan with my partner at the time. My roommate was able to find me a construction job for 4 days that paid $100 cash per day so that helped a lot. I will go into more details on the next post regarding my budget when traveling with another person and living in a campervan. It can either be more expensive or cheaper depending how lucky you are with the vehicle purchased. I will also provide a whole different spreadsheet that my partner and I created to keep track on the maintenance of the van and our spending traveling as a couple. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. 


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