Hiking day to Lai Chi Wo, Hong Kong

A week ago, I was browsing on through the 'Hiking in Hong Kong' group on Couchsurfing.com to see if there are any events going on. I came across the posting below from Dor, short for Doris:

Hi there!

I'm an HK born, Canada raised, recently graduated veterinary student visiting Hong Kong and will be free May 15 or 16 - was thinking of going to Lai Chi Wo, Kadoorie Farm (love it here!) or somewhere along the High island geo trail. Don't have too much time so won't be doing anything more than 4-5 hours. Let me know!

Since I still don't have a job and have been around 5 billion people on an island, it's probably good for me to go out into the forests to be with some trees.

I met up with Dor at around 9 am today in front of Starbucks at Tai Po Market MTR station. We took mini bus 20C to Chi Sum Road- Tin Sam Village to begin our hike. I'd say within 15 minutes of walking, the humidity was so high, both of us were already sweating through our shirts. It also started to pour right when we got off the bus. I realized pretty quickly that I'm not really sure if I am wet from the rain or from my sweat.

It took us about 2 hours to reach Lai Chi Wo village. Once we arrived, it was pretty obvious that most of the buildings have collapsed and abandoned. A few families have left behind many of their personal belongings. Most have been sitting untouched for close to three decades.

Afterwards, we headed to the nearby pier thinking there must be a ferry that takes us to a nearby town with public transportations. We spoke with a few fishermen that were hanging out in their tiny fishing boat at the pier (started to pour again at the time) and they said there is no ferry that comes here. So we had to back track which wasn't too bad. Except, we missed the trail that we were suppose to take. So our little journey begins. I wouldn't say we were lost because you can't really get lost in Hong Kong. It just means we ended up hiking an extra five miles or so.

As we kept walking, it was raining harder and harder. After awhile, it felt pretty nice hiking in the rain. We came across another semi-abandoned village called Kuk Po, but we did not explore the village since we just wanted to find a way back out. We kept walking until we saw a few hikers and they were able to direct us back to the main roads.

Towards the end, there was another village called Fung Hung, I fell into a swamp because I was paying too much attention to the trees and buildings instead of where I was walking. My right side of my body was covered in mud. Then we saw an old elementary school right before the trail ends.

Found the 20C bus stop, got back into the city, and had dinner. It was definitely a jumping high five day, even though we got drenched. I got to see some timeless abandoned homes, met a new friend, saw another side of Hong Kong that no one really expects to see nowadays. Now back to lazy Phil.


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