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Outdoor Infinity Pool in Hong Kong

I forgot how I found out about this pool in Hong Kong. When I saw pictures of it on the internet, I told myself I have to visit this place soon. It's definitely not a secret anymore. I think it gets quite crowded on weekends and public holidays, but that's everywhere in Hong Kong. So Russ and I picked a random Wednesday to go.

I didn't bother waking up early for this. I woke up at 11am, took my time to get ready and ate a late breakfast. Met up with Russ at 1 PM at Tung Chung MTR station. Then we took a 45 minute bus ride to Tai O. Bought some pretty nasty South Korean beers called Blue Girl, ate another lunch in the fishing village before heading up to the pool. It was a short 45 minute hike. The last 10 minutes of the hike was pretty steep. 
We didn't arrive at the pool until 3:30ish. There were a few people there, but they were all getting ready to leave. We stayed until almost sunset. I know. How romantic. The place is amazzzziinnggg. I can't describe it with …

My favorite food in Hong Kong

It's been close to 2 months since I've been in Hong Kong. I still can't really read the whole Chinese menu, not even close. It is still a challenge going out to eat at local places without any pictures on the menu. Once in a while, I'll just pick a random number off of their specials and see what comes out. It's pretty embarrassing knowing how to speak the language without any accents, but not able to read and write. This is pretty much how the conversation goes with the waiters:

Waiter: What do you want?
Me: uh this. ( I point the dish I want on the menu)
Waiter: What is that?
Me: uhh this one and this one and this too. (I lift up the menu closer to them. I point and move  my finger along the names of the dish.)
Waiter: ( He/she say the names of the dish. This is when they give me this look and thinks I am a dummy.)
Me: Yes.
Waiter: Any drinks?
Me: Hot milk tea

Anything beyond that would be too difficult for me. It's always hot milk tea or Iced lemon tea becau…