Best time to go to the Infinity pool? (Video)

About a month ago, I went to the "Natural" infinity pool for the first time. It is a man made dam that was built in 1958. It used to be a drinking water reservoir for the locals, but the town/village no longer uses it. The spot is getting quite popular among travelers and locals to go relax on a hot summer day.

This past Monday, I took Vanessa and Hong there since they have never been. Personally, I don't like crowds too much so if I can avoid it, I will. The best time to get there is mid to late afternoon. By the time you get there, everyone else are getting ready to leave. You will probably end up the only few people there.

This time, we didn't get there until around 4:30. Perfect! As we were hiking up, we passed by at least 10 other people that are leaving. I overheard a girl saying to one of her friends "Why are these people coming up so late?" By the time we arrived, there were only 4 other people there besides us. It's peaceful and quiet. Best of all, you can stay up there long enough to enjoy the sunset.

I would never go there on weekends and holidays. If I do go on the weekdays, then it will be in the late afternoon. Just be sure to bring a headlamp just in case.

If you need directions on how to get there: CLICK HERE

Here is a video I made with my new old GoPro 2.


  1. Remember! Protect this beauty place~ Don't waste your stuff to nature!!!
    Thank you!!!


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