Climbing At Central Crag

About a week ago, Lauren from Cali sent me a message on couchsurfing asking if I will be available to go climbing when she is in Hong Kong. Lauren is a PHD student at the moment, got her degree at MIT, and here for an engineering conference in Hong Kong.

I decided to take Lauren and Sarah to a climbing spot I have never been before. It is close to the city and suppose to have an excellent view of the city from what I have heard. We ended up only climbing two easy routes because they had to get back for dinner by 6pm. 

I brought my gopro up hoping to get some good footage, but I forgot to charge the battery the night before. I had only enough battery power to take this photo. It worked out. =)


  1. this seems like such a thrilling thing to do on a long weekend. i love seeing your posts they always motivate me to get some spice in my life as well. thank you for posting with this new entry


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