Shek O: Dragon's Back Trail & Big Wave Bay Beach (Video)

Lauren, Nathan, and I met up the following day to go for a hike (8.5K). It was an absolute perfect day. Sunshine, ocean, and butterflies. No complaints about that. Just watched the video below!

After the hike, we went back to Central. Nathan had to go back home because he wasn't feeling well. Lauren and I went to Central to meet up with her host that night. Her name is Ophelia and she is a store owner that sells organic, natural soap, shampoo, lotion... Etc. The soaps that she sells are made out of herbs that she planted in her home garden. I thought that was pretty cool. This is her website:

She took us out to dinner to one of the older style looking restaurants in Hong Kong. It has been around for thirty some years. It's called Lin Heung Tea House. The food was delicious. gave it a pretty good review:


  1. Although Hong Kong is a great place to live in, however a break sometimes is a good idea. Hope you had a great experience.\


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