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Nepal: 10 day Annapurna Circuit (Video)

After China, my break from Hong Kong continued in Nepal. I had no idea what to expect from Nepal. All I really know from is the crazy high mountains they have. I didn't know what to expect from Kathmandu either. After spending 4 days there, it is probably the most insane city I've been to. I guess it is a lighter version of India. I didn't enjoy it at all the first time I was there.

Pokhara was the total opposite. It was touristy, but a lot quieter and also more expensive. The lakeside area anyway. The bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara only costed about $8usd. Beautiful scenery, but it's a long 6 to 7 hour bus ride around the mountain side. After Kathmandu, I spent another 3 days in Pokhara before heading out for the Annapurna Circuit trek.

I don't know what I was thinking planning to do a 17 to 21 day trek around the full circuit. The first three or four days were spent getting wet and trekking in wet clothes and walking through crazy waterfalls. After the 5th d…

A Break From Hong Kong (Video)

It's been 4 1/2 months since I lived in Hong Kong.  It has been really fun living there, the food is great, public transportation is the world's best, and getting out to do outdoor activities is always so convenient. However, I feel I need a break from it all. The people and air pollution started to annoy me quite a bit. I can never go anywhere without an overpopulated crowd. The air feels stuffy, especially during the summer season.

So last week, I decided to leave HK for a couple of months to give myself a break from this hectic city. It was time to get back on the road. First stop was a climbing trip in Getu, China with some friends from our climbing gym.

In order to get there, V and I had to take a 2 hour train ride from HK to Guangzhou first. Then switch to another train that will take us from Guangzhou to Guiyang which takes 24 hours. We could have flown which would only take 2 hours, but to save money the train was our best option. It only costed us $60usd compared to $…