A Break From Hong Kong (Video)

It's been 4 1/2 months since I lived in Hong Kong.  It has been really fun living there, the food is great, public transportation is the world's best, and getting out to do outdoor activities is always so convenient. However, I feel I need a break from it all. The people and air pollution started to annoy me quite a bit. I can never go anywhere without an overpopulated crowd. The air feels stuffy, especially during the summer season.

So last week, I decided to leave HK for a couple of months to give myself a break from this hectic city. It was time to get back on the road. First stop was a climbing trip in Getu, China with some friends from our climbing gym.

In order to get there, V and I had to take a 2 hour train ride from HK to Guangzhou first. Then switch to another train that will take us from Guangzhou to Guiyang which takes 24 hours. We could have flown which would only take 2 hours, but to save money the train was our best option. It only costed us $60usd compared to $180 one way flight.

Only thing was we could not get a sleeper class because they were all sold out. So we were stuck with a soft seat. The local train was not very pleasant. Most local smokes in there, once in awhile we could smell the bathroom, and people spitting on the floor next to us doesn't help a bit. But we did get the local experience.

After we arrived in Guiyang, it was another 4 hour by car to Getu village. It was an awesome climbing week with beautiful scenery and good company. The video is below.

Next stop: Napel!!!!!


  1. Everyone needs a break from their hectic and similar routine. It gives an opportunity for change and happiness and I believe, it also provides us a chance to know ourselves better. You did great by taking break. Hope you have learned a lot during this time.


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