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Hong Kong: Ma Wan Abandoned Fishing Village (VIDEO)

Visited an abandoned village over the weekend on Ma Wan Island, now home to the Noah's Ark. The town was surprisingly big. It almost looks like a movie studio or could be one. 
I believed the town has been abandoned since 2007/2008. The reason for the evacuation was property development. Grundy writes, “As of 1995, fish farming was the main economic activity on Ma Wan, and Hong Kongers flocked to its seafood restaurants. Shrimp-drying and shrimp paste-making farms now lie abandoned. The town had a population of several thousand prior to the 80s and around 800 in 2000.
“The new development was completed in 2006 and villagers from the old town were rehoused in the northern part of the island. As part of the compensation package, they were invited to choose either a traditional 3-story village house of 2,100 sq. ft. or 3 separate units each of 700 sq. ft. in one single block. Most jumped at the offer, though not all residents were happy with the deal and some protests against the ma…