Why I left Hong Kong?

6 months in Hong Kong have gone by in a blink of an eye. It wasn't too long ago when I went back home to Boston to try to settle down, but ended up leaving again 6 weeks after. (Home after 14 months). I decided to go to Hong Kong for a couple of reasons: A) I'm a citizen there so I don't have to worry about visa issues. B) Since HK is  my motherland, I wanted to get to know the place better.

I had full intentions of working full time once I arrived in Hong Kong, but I decided not to after a couple of weeks later. Not because I couldn't find a job. It was just because I didn't feel like stepping into the real world yet. And probably because I didn't want to work 10 hours a day knowing how normal it is in Asia working long hours. Plus 14 months of backpacking just wasn't enough yet.

50 sq ft room.
I ended up renting a tiny closet space room just under $400usd a month for two months in the city before moving to Tuen Mun, the suburbs of Hong Kong I guess you could call it. I bummed around, hosted 6 backpackers in my tiny room through Couchsurfing, had plenty of time to explore the side of HK that not too many tourists or travelers get to see, and doing it during weekdays when the majority of the population are at work (I tried to avoid going out on weekends). Of course, the food will always be my favorite part of Hong Kong.

I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay in Hong Kong. After 4 short months, the weather, air pollution, and the people stressed me out quite a bit. I needed a break from the crazy city. So I left for Nepal for a month to get away from it all. My plans were to go up to norther China, then Mongolia, then to the philippines.

10 days trek in Nepal

That all changed when I was traveling in Nepal. I realized that I don't really feel like staying in hostels anymore, or use dirty public bathrooms, or get on a 26 hour long train ride. All of these used to be exciting, but no more. I was feeling tired and exchausted. I might just have killed my travel bug for the time being. I cancelled the rest of my plans after Nepal and went back to Hong Kong.

Unlike 8 months ago when I felt I wasn't ready to get a real job yet, this time I felt ready. I felt I needed to settle down for some time. It would be kinda nice to actually use a closet instead of a backpack to take clothes out. Prepare home cook meals in my own kitchen. You know? All the little things I thought it was boring to do before.

I stayed in Hong Kong for another month after Nepal. This time, however, instead of going back to Boston. I decided to move to the west coast. The Bay Area. It was quite a scary thought moving back to the states but an exciting one. New city, new part of the country, and I have always loved the bay area ever since I visited in 2008. I won't have to tread for the winter in the Northeast anymore.

It has only been a few days since I moved here, but so far so good. The house my friends and I rented is in an awesome location, Sunnyvale downtown. Weather have been amazing. And it feels nice to breath in fresh air again.

Now as I'm typing this in sunny California, the only other thing I'm hoping for is to find a job soon before I go broke living here! =)


  1. wow, great job you are maintaining school and your work at the same time. Good to see that hoe dedicated you are to your work. keep it up.


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