A week in Hokkaido, Japan (Video)

Just a few weeks ago, I took my first paid vacation since 2012. Call me spoiled, but even though I was heading to Japan it was only for a short 7 days. Traveling for two years without any time restrictions really spoiled me. Nevertheless, Vanessa and I got to meet and travel for the week with one of our favorite traveling buddy Keith, who is currently cycling around Japan.

I thought I would go nuts on spending money for this vacation now that I am getting a paycheck every two weeks, but I still miss the backpacking lifestyle. Vanessa and I still travel the cheapest way as possible. We feel that it is more exciting and definitely make any trips more memorable.

To break down our cost for the week a bit...

Car rental for 7 days including insurance - $470 USD
Food and Gas- $300 USD
Flight from Tokyo to Sapporo for 2- $189 USD RT

Total= $959 for two people for the week.

Not too bad considering it is Japan. Of course, if time wasn't a factor, $1000 USD would probably last us a whole month instead of just a week. 

We only ate out twice the whole time we were in Hokkaido. Every day, we would hit up the local super market to buy groceries and cook with Keith's camping stove. Sometimes, we would cook at rest stops with a free foot spa ;), on the side of a sidewalk, parking lots...etc. It was fantastic!

We also avoided the cities or anywhere that we thought was crowded. We drove along the coast, stopped at random towns, drove through the country side, and up different mountains. The most touristy place we stopped at was Biei with the large open fields. Enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait for the next adventure!

Below is the video of our seven day vacation in Japan cut into 10 minutes of awesomeness.


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