Life in Cali. (VIDEO)

It's been a long eight months since I've updated my travel blog. Lots have happened since then. Here is just a quick update on what I have been up to since I moved to Sunnyvale, CA.

- House we are living in at the moment. Going to sign one more year lease up until Oct 2016.

- Worked at a Waffle truck full time for 3 months and now workng to part time. Delicious Waffles!

- Went on a few interviews for IT jobs. Got offered three jobs. Accepted an offer with a global wide
  company. Now working as a Client System Admin. Able to start saving for my next adventure.

- Went on some really great climbing/ road trips already in Northern California. Places such as             Bishop,  Napa, and various places that are only a couple of hours drive from home. Climbing trip in   Bishop

Capitola City Beach. Santa Cruz.


- I had my old 1996 Honda Accord shipped from Florida to CA for $1,000 USD. Drove it for about
  six months before I decided that I didn't want to put anymore money into fixing it.

- Bought a new used car, 2004 Honda Element in awesome conditions. Have already taken the car to      a few great road trips. Loving every minute of it!

- Recently, took a week vacation back to Japan and proposed to my girlfriend (now fiance) there.  =)

That is pretty much it...the major stuff anyway. I am trying to save up money hoping to be able to quit my job again in three years. And I will be updating this blog on a regular basic from now on. 


  1. I really liked your travel blog plus the place you choose for traveling is just amazing, CA is an amazing place to visit and one surely can have a great time there.


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