Full time element living

 Wow, it's been over a year since I updated this blog already. Just recently, Vanessa and I have moved out of our rental house of two years and into our tiny box on wheels. We didn't really keep track on how much we spent on building it, since we had to try out a few setups before we decided on one that works best for us. Definitely had to make many many many trips to Home Depot/ Lowes and a couple organization container stores.

It is a very simple build which took maybe two weeks with our full time job and school. Having absolutely no experience in carpentry or building anything, we are so so so so happy on how it turned out. 

Since the Element doesn't have a way to open the back door from the inside, we had to find a way to do it. With some shoe strings, rope and bicycle tire tube, we were able to get this working no problem. Again definitely not fancy.
Pull and push
Building the bed frame. 
Cutting out a piece in the middle of the bed platform so we can access stuff easier. 
I wanted to build a frame where it covers that opening because that's where the spare tire is located. Just incase there is a flat, I can still access it easily.

Adding a back table.

Will use it mostly for cooking. 

Spent a lot of time measuring the corners and curves for the window. Cut out a bunch of cardboard boxes to use as a template first. 

Damn good. 

Shelves for clothing and other crap. 

Two layers of semi gloss. 

I couldn't stop starring at it. So ugly, but so beautiful at the same time. 

Now we have a little table. 

Our weird looking Japanese futon. 

Bought a standard curtain pole from Target. Drilled a hole on each side of the car and fit perfectly. 

Cut the curtains to about the length to where the platform will be. 

Looking goooodddd!!!! Anchoring in the cabinet. 

Moving in!

And organizing!

Ordered ourselves a Yeti 150 to charge our laptops, phones, cameras, and stuff. There is a 12v outlet in the back passenger side of the Element. I keep the Yeti always plugged in. When the car is on, it charges it. When the car is off, the outlet automatically shuts off. So we don't have to worry about draining the car battery. 

DONE! Pretty darn cozy. 

It's been about two weeks now since we moved in full time. Living in Northern California and doesn't have to pay any rent....life is good. Home is where  you park it, right? 

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  1. I like the concept of building up your home inside your car so that you don't need to pay heavy rent and this way you can safe your few pennies.You people are genious.


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