Welcome to our Van!

As many of you are probably waiting for the tour of our van, wait no longer! Here it is!

Our Vauxhill Vivaro was purchased from a fellow who lived on the coast of the UK, named Adam. He converted the entire vehicle himself and had a professional electrician do the wiring (including the solar panel set up) for his own Eurotrip that just ended recently. He definitely did a much better job than anything Phil or I could do (as you can see from our own Element conversion haha).

Some of the pros and cons to our new home so far:

- has a working fridge
- has a working hand pump sink
- tons of counter space
- has a porta potty
- can convert from sofa to bed
- can sit up comfortably

- sink drainage hasn't been sorted yet, it's currently using a bucket
- need to convert the bed every day (I'm sortof lazy)
- somewhat limited storage space
- can't stand up to cook
- no ventilation unit

Overall we're very happy with our purchase, and it will definitely be another experience owning such a relatively "large" vehicle.


  1. Hi , I love the van conversion! I also have a Vivaro but I have yet to get it converted. Do you have any contact details for Adam, the previous owner who did the work? I'd appreciate any info.
    Many thanks


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