First night of our Euro Van Life

We've finally left the comfort of friends to the solitude of vanlife. We spent the morning moving our things into the van, sorting out where things would live in our new home and generally wondering how we had so much stuff with minimal packing. We decided it must be all of our climbing things taking up all the space...

We then spent the afternoon in London (where I got to see Platform 9 and 3/4 FINALLY, but Phil was thoroughly unimpressed... he was especially disappointed at how far away the guards were at Buckingham Palace), and then we drove out to Dover. We had an early morning ferry ticket from Dover, UK to Calais, France, so we figured it made the most sense to sleep in the area so we could check in bright and early.

At Platform 9 3/4

Inside the British Library
We were tipped off by the former owner of our van, to use the app, Park4Night, which tells you a bunch of places to park, how much it will be, facilities, reviews, etc. So we found a great place at the marina headlands next to the ferry port, and spent our first night in our new home next to the ocean.

Settled in on our first night in the van

Check out the video below!


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