Pepe In Grani

Where does one go to get the best pizza in Italy (and hence the world)? We were headed down to Naples, the birthplace of pizza... so... why wouldn't it be there right? Well, it turns out, it wasn't in Naples after all (though I'm sure their pizza is delicious too). My research turned up a place called Pepe In Grani, a restaurant far from the hustle and bustle, located in the small hometown of the chef, Caiazzo. For us, and for parking our monstrosity (not really), we were all too happy to make the detour out to a small town for Pepe's.

Pepe In Grani

Good ol' GPS. Caiazzo.

Research also put in our minds that we'd have to deal with lonnnngg line up as we hadn't made advanced reservations or the restaurant, but we figured, might as well try it.. who knows right? It was Sunday afternoon and we were driving from Rome. 

We finally made it Caiazzo around 1pm.. found free parking (free between 1-4pm... perfect!), and walked into town to the restaurant. We didn't know what to expect, but the restaurant, located in pretty much a tiny off the main street alley, was tucked away and surprisingly, had no line out front! What was going on? Was it closed? Completely full? We had read that they have two lunch services, one at noon and one at 2pm. So we'd sortof expected there may be people already lining up for the 2pm service. But we walked inside and the host asked if we had reservations. We answered in the negative and he held up a finger and told us to wait a moment. He disappeared for a moment before returning and informing us that if we'd like, we could have a table on the second floor but that the service would end at 2pm, at which time, we'd have to leave for the next service to start. We were amazed at our luck and happily agreed.

Free parking on the main street

We found it!

Upstairs, they have a projection of the kitchen, so you can watch as your pizza is made while you wait. Very interesting. We were both pretty excited for our pizzas. After maybe a 15 minute wait, our pizza's arrived! I had ordered a basic spinach, tomato, anchovie, mozzarella pizza (I was willing to gamble on the dairy for this), and Phil had ordered the Scarpetta, a recommendation from our waiter.

Well, what could I say? The crust is where it's at... it was interestingly crunchy and chewy at the same time. I don't believe I've ever had a crust like that. I discovered that I'm not the biggest fan of anchovies, but other than that, it was marvelous. I was completely stuffed by 3/4 of the pizza, which were a good size. Phil fairly scarfed his entire pizza down without taking a breath. We were both also amazed that the prices were very fair (around 10 euro per pizza) for such a famous restaurant.

Delicious pizzzaaa

We were finished by 2pm. Our bellies satisfied and happy it all worked out so well without reservations and everything. By the time we left the restaurant, there was indeed a line of maybe 15 people outside!

The line up as we left..

In the end, this was a detour definitely worth taking.

Check out our video of the experience (which also includes our trip to Rome) below:


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