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Athens and Santorini

We arrived in Athens mid day, and found an awesome parking spot in a restaurant parking lot at a marina. Free showers, toilets, water, etc.. really a great spot! We decided to spend the next day getting our ferry tickets sorted out and checking out Athens. Interestingly, the area around the Piraeus port reminded us strongly of Hong Kong! Small shops stuffed full of goods selling dedicated wares. Even little pet shops with birds in cages hung along the sidewalk. Funny how half a world away, it somehow feels exactly the same.

We ended up going into the downtown area of Athens via train where Phil got a pretty fancy haircut for only 15 euros (he really needed it), and wandered around the shopping streets while stuffing our faces with kebabs and ogling the Acropolis from afar.

Both of us have always wanted to go to Santorini. To see those white and blue houses with the expanse of the sea and the sun in the background. Hence, we had decided long ago that we would spend a few precious days i…

Ferry from Brindisi to Patras

We decided to save a bit of time and take a ferry from Brindisi, Italy to Patras, Greece. And while pricey, we decided to spring for a private room as it was an overnight ferry scheduled from 9pm to 1pm the next day. Check out this chaotic adventure in the video below! I think it sums it up pretty well. The only thing I didn't mention in the video was the fact that I also got some kind of bug bites on my knees after this ferry ride :/ *Sigh.

Mosoraskalgia (aka Mosoraski 6a + Nostalgia 6b): Paklenica National Park

This is my first trip report on a climb ever... but as it was sortof an interesting story, I thought I might as well share (and perhaps help a few other climbers looking to do this route).

We were a group of three, planning to climb at Paklenica National Park in Croatia for a few days in April, a good shoulder season time, but with variable weather. (A 5 day pass - used within 30 days - costs 120 kuna per person, and parking in the tiny lot costs 10 kuna per day). Going into it, we didn't have many plans other than just to climb. The first two days we were there, the forecast wasn't the most ideal, with threats of rain and thunderstorms on and off. It didn't stop us (nor any of the other groups of climbers we saw), and we climbed in the park regardless.

To get used to the routes here, we started off with a few right off of the pathway... but it was a bit of a mistake. Super polished climbing plus stiff grades made us really question how weak we'd really gotten over the…