Pompeii and Eianina: Ruins and climbing

Sometimes we need a break from stealth camping.. meaning a place for a shower, to fill up on water, clean out our porta potty and use some wifi/electricity. We were lucky enough to find just the place for this... a little family run RV park a 15 min walk away from the ruins of Pompeii. Upon arrival, our hosts welcomed us with juice, questions on what we like to drink in the morning, rolling out a carpet to put outside our van door and all the information we needed about the area. They were incredibly kind, and we were happy to spend two rainy days and nights there.

Morning tea and catching up on the journal

We opted to wander around Pompeii on our own, with the trusty guide booklet (it really is an intimidatingly thick booklet) and a map of the expansive area in hand. It was incredible and sobering to see all around us, ancient reminders of a normal day in the life, gone completely wrong... 

One of the casts found

The Pearl of Venus house..

Incredibly restored floor mosaics

The Lupinar, the largest brothel in Pompeii

The amphitheatre
Though it was a day that ominously threatened rain throughout, it thankfully held off from being anything more than a light drizzle here and there. 

We spent a day or so resting before we headed to our next destination.. a climbing crag! Unfortunately the rain continued to follow us around, and the places we'd been eyeing to climb were only going to be rained on in the next few days.. so we opted to find the one sunny spot with a small and largely unknown crag in a tiny town called Eianina. 

Leoni di Montagna crag

The view of the town from the top of the crag
The climbing was a nice easy spread of newly bolted sport routes that weren't too long. The rock was incredibly sharp (read: unpolished yay!), but a lot of fun nonetheless. We climbed around 6 or 7 routes that day (a lot for us lazy climbers), before calling it a day.

Where we parked overnight in the town of Eianina.. the parking for the crag!
The next evening, we spent at a nearby beach, located right on the instep of the Italian boot. Sadly, this is where Phil's drone decided to go haywire and commit suicide straight into the ocean :( Oh well.

No sign of the drone
As always, check out our video version below:


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