Croatia: Dubrovnik and GOT

Our time in Croatia ended up being split into two, since Croatia itself is split into two. One part, a very tiny part, consists of Dubrovnik and all of it's surrounding lands/islands.

History tells us that at one point, Dubrovnik feared for it's safety when their rival port city of Venice threatened to attack. As a result, the people of Dubrovnik figured it made more sense to give Bosnia and Herzegovina (then part of the Ottoman Empire) a strip of coastline to help create a buffer between them and their potential invaders. Hence, today's Croatia is split by a 12 mile gap of Bosnian land between the main Croatian landmass and it's southern most city, aka, the Neum corridor.

Lots of beautiful coastline roads

Coming from Montenegro, our first stop in another new country, was the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. This old port city is the richest city in Croatia, and it shows. Prices are sky high, from accommodations, to parking, to food. Relatively speaking of course (we had just come from Albania and Montenegro to be fair). The old town is a completely walled in city, with perfectly maintained walls that cost an arm and a leg to walk along. In fact, most things there cost an arm and a leg, and everything requires payment. Our hopes of finding a free walking tour were quickly dashed. On the upside, Park4Night didn't let us down, and we spent 2 free nights in the back parking lot of a grocery store (closed on Sundays anyway). We went to check out the old city the first evening we arrived, marveling at the huge central plazas and steep alleyways leading to more alleys full of shops and restaurants. Our original plan of maybe eating out that evening in the old town was quickly dashed as we realized how much a meal was and just how much of a tourist trap it was.

The old town in the evening gave a great vibe

Walking down the Placa Stradun

St. Blaise's church

The Rector's Palace, which was closed when we were there

City Hall

In the end, we signed up for a paid walking tour, specifically, a Game of Thrones walking tour. While I'd read all of the GOT books in the past, and Phil and I had watched around 2 seasons of the show, it had been some time ago, so we were in no way very familiar with all of the scenes of the show filmed in Dubrovnik. Thankfully, they showed us large laminated photos of the different areas of the city that they used to film, pointing out how they would put in certain props, CGI and angle cameras to make it King's Landing. It was nicely informative and quite a lot of fun. By the end of it, Phil and I went straight back to the van to binge watch the entire series.

The Iron Throne!

I found myself a Tyrion Lannister :D

One of the scenes filled with local peasants fishing and washing laundry was set here.

A view of the pier/beach where Princess Myrcella is sent off on the boats to Dorne.

Dubrovnik old town aka King's Landing! The round watch tower also doubled as the Palace of the Undying

That island, Lokrum, lso served as the filming location of Qarth, with peacocks and other wildlife

Inside Fort Lawrence, across the bay from the Old Town, set for many scenes inside the Red Keep

On the other side of Fort Lawrence, the green park space used to stage King Joffrey's Wedding Feast

Beautiful coastal scenery on our walk back to the van

We really did enjoy Dubrovnik, with it's beautifully preserved medieval feel, but we were happy to be on our way and get away from the crowds! Onwards for a short detour into Bosnia!

You can check out our whole trip in Croatia on our YouTube vid! I'll blog about the other places we went in Croatia later!


  1. I want to watch GOT all over again now...

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