Hey there! You've probably stumbled upon this page cuz you're just a tad curious about these two weird asians who seem to like living in vehicles. It's alright, we all creep on people once in a while, and we're totally fine with making you all a part of our lives and our adventures!

We've currently just ended our time in California and we're in the middle of prepping for another big 5 month trip to Europe!!! Tag along to see how it all pans out :)

Here's a little bit more about ourselves:

Phil (the artistic director, photographer, videographer, video editor and lover of Hong Kong cafe food)

Nothing too crazy here. Just a guy here who enjoys living out of his car, sometimes go climb some rocks with his amazing wife, and just living life. If you are nosy and wanting to know a bit more of who I am:
  • Born in Hong Kong. Grew up in Boston, MA. 
  • Quit my job when I was at the young age of 32 and backpacked for two years. 
  • Met my Canadian wife while her and I were traveling solo while climbing. Pick up line from me "You have really good climbing techniques". Done. 
  • Spent the last 3 years living in sunny California and exploring this giant state

Vanessa (the bookworm, the editor/blogger, the quality control and designated Type A personality)

I guess I've had the travel bug for as long as I can remember, which I heartily blame my parents for instilling in me (not a bad thing haha). Combining this with my love of adventure, climbing, the outdoors, and it's no wonder I will always have a special place in my heart for vanlife!
  • Born in Calgary, Canada
  • Pretty much spent my entire life as a student bouncing around Canada (Montreal is my favorite)
  • Planned on a working holiday in Australia which ended up being an Australian-Asian adventure after meeting a pretty chill traveling American dude in a HK climbing gym
  • Spent the last 3 years in Cali doing my (hopefully) last degree

For those of you who wanted to know a bit more, check out our "How We Met" video that we made a while back:

If you do a bit more snooping, you'll quickly find out that this is actually Phil's original blog, and I (Vanessa) have somewhat overtaken it. While we'll now be posting exclusively here for our future adventures, feel free to read up on my perspective on our past adventures here.

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